CDS 1 2024 Preparation Tips: Check Complete Strategy for Written & SSB Interview

For admission to the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), Air Force Academy (AFA), and Officers’ Training Academy (OTA), the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the CDS exam twice a year. Candidates should become familiar with the exam format before moving on to the detailed syllabus when preparing for the CDS exam. Candidates can make a successful preparation schedule for themselves if they are aware of the most recent exam pattern and curriculum. Candidates should examine the question format and topic weighting from previous years’ question papers. Additionally, candidates must often take practice exams to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Candidates need to purchase appropriate literature, make topic-specific notes, etc. 

How to Start CDS 2024 Preparation?

Candidates can check below a few tips and tricks to crack the CDS exam:

Know the syllabus and exam pattern

Those aspiring to crack the CDS Exam need to go through the exam syllabus and exam pattern. This will give them an idea about the topics to be covered for the exam. While studying according to the CDS Syllabus you should jot down all the topics you are confident about and those where you lack knowledge. Try to focus on weaker areas and cope with them as soon as possible to avoid confusion.

Previous Year Papers and Mocks 

Solving the previous years’ CDS question papers plays an important role in exam preparation. This helps you in gaining familiarity with the type of questions asked in the exam, the distribution of questions, difficulty level, and the marking scheme. Besides, it helps to assess the level of preparation for the exam. In doing so, you can focus on the weaker areas. 

Keep the fundamentals clear

It is important to clear your basic concepts rather than cramming the formulas. Since simple questions are asked in a tricky format, be thorough with your concepts in order to understand and solve the questions.

Focus on important topics

During preparations, lay emphasis on important topics, carry maximum marks, and be easier to score in. 

Attempt easier questions first

You should go through all questions and try solving those questions first, which they find easy and require less time to score qualifying marks. Beware of attempting questions that you are not confident of as there is negative marking too.

Make a proper timetable

You need to follow a regular study routine so that the entire syllabus can be completed. Make a timetable and devote six to eight hours, especially for preparations. Take time to manage your weekly revisions as well.

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Is 1 Year enough for CDS preparation?

Preparation time for the CDS exam completely depends upon the individual who is going to take the exam. If more than 70 per cent of the CDS syllabus can be solved by the candidate then thay can move to the mock tests and crack the CDS written exam easily in one year. However, it is completely dependent on the candidates’ ability to grasp and gain knowledge and complete the syllabus in time.

CDS Preparation Tips 2024: Section-Wise

Candidates can check below the section-wise CDS preparation tips:

CDS Preparation Tips for English

  • To enhance the score in English paper, one must go through the rules of grammar
  • Prepare idioms and phrases thoroughly

CDS Preparation Tips for General Knowledge

  • Identify the high weightage topics after analysing the previous years’ question papers
  • Revise important facts from those topics
  • Revise the current affairs of the last four to five months properly

CDS Preparation Tips for Elementary Mathematics

  • Revise important formulas and their application methods for Algebra, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration, and Statistics
  • Do not start with new topics rather revise those you have studied
  • Take as many mocks you can take while preparing for the mathematics section 
  • Focus on time management and accuracy while solving the question in mock test 

CDS Preparation Tips for Time Management

Candidates can check below a few tips for time management:

  • Candidates should effectively manage time for the exam and complete the paper within the allotted time only
  • Candidates must follow a regular study routine so that the entire syllabus is completed
  • Devote six to eight hours daily for preparation 
  • Take time for weekly revision

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Preparation Tips for CDS 1 2024: Solving Previous Year’s Question Papers

Candidates can check below few tips related to solving the previous year’s question papers:

  • Try to solve previous years’ question papers to know the type of questions asked in the exam
  • Solving question papers also helps candidates to know the exam pattern, types of questions, weightage given to topics, etc.
  • Solving previous years also helps in managing time
  • Candidates can also analyse their performance for the exam and work on the weak areas 

Can I Crack CDS Exam in First Attempt?

Candidates must begin their preparation one year before the exam. They should focus on the exam pattern and syllabus. Besides, solve previous years’ question papers to gain understanding about the exam. 

Can I crack CDS in 3 months?

Candidates should start their preparation two to three months before the exam. The syllabus is vast and they need to cover the same first. After that, they should move towards attempting mock tests.

How to prepare for SSB Interview?

On the basis of the marks secured in the written exam, candidates are selected for SSB Interview. The test is conducted in two stages. At the SSB Interview centres, candidates are tested on the basis of their intelligence and personality. The Stage I of SSB Interview comprises Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests and Picture Perception Description Test (PP&DT). Stage II comprises Interview, Group Testing Officer Tasks, Psychology Tests, and the Conference. These tests are conducted over four days. 

Tips for Physical and Medical Exam

  • The height and weight of candidates should be on a standard scale 
  • Candidates must do regular training and exercise to stay fit
  • Before appearing before the medical board, candidates get their full body checkup done to ensure that they do not have any type of illness or disease

Tips for Personal Interview

  • During the personal interview, candidates must stay confident and do not get nervous
  • Candidates must be able to express their thoughts before the interview panel
  • Candidates must hone their communication skill
  • Candidates must speak and act like an Office

CDS Last Minute Preparation Tips

With just a few weeks left for the exam, candidates must revise all that they have studied during their preparation. Provided below are a few CDS last minute preparation tips.

  • Candidates must revise properly all that they have studied for the exam
  • Time management is crucial for the exam. Candidates must learn to manage time in an effective manner
  • Candidates should keep calm before the exam and do not learn any new topic
  • As there is a negative marking for incorrect answers. So, candidates should avoid doing guesswork in the exam
  • Candidates should take mock tests before the exam 

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