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MAKING OF QUALITY CITIZENS With Job oriented schooling & Training (11th + 12th)

For many young people, attending the National Defense Academy is a dream. But if one does not adequately prepare for this owing to the increasing rivalry in this industry, it is difficult. The following selection steps must be passed in order to be accepted into the National Defense Academy:

  • Written test administered by UPSC.
  • SSB Interrogation.
  • Health Checkup.

After the 10th grade, there is NDA foundation coaching to help with both academics and NDA exam preparation. Students who enroll in the NDA Foundation or School Integrated Program can develop and practice the skill sets essential to pass the NDA exam.

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    The NDA Foundation Course/SIP is a two-year foundation programme for students who have completed high school (10th grade) are serious about joining the military and who have received high scores on their 12th-grade board exam.

    Join Best NDA foundation course after 10th-Doon Defence Career Point

    Many students are opting for the NDA Foundation course after completing their 10th-grade education. The NDA Foundation course syllabus is designed to provide fundamental training for future careers, starting from the 11th grade. Specifically tailored for students in the 11th and 12th grades, this program covers both academic subjects and the NDA syllabus simultaneously. The NDA Foundation course is an excellent choice for those aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces as officers, offering exclusive preparation for the NDA examination.

    This specialized two-year curriculum integrates NDA coaching with regular Indian schooling for students in grades 11 and 12. It covers all subjects required for school and board examinations while also focusing on NDA preparation. Female candidates are also encouraged to prepare for the SSB, with the opportunity for girls to take the NDA, CDS, and AFCAT exams. Professors and mentors are dedicated to providing clear instructions in a safe and supportive environment, ensuring that both male and female candidates receive the best possible preparation for the SSB and UPSC exams. The program aims to replicate the NDA environment, providing students with a conducive learning atmosphere.

    Who can join the NDA Foundation Course?

    The NDA Foundation Course is open to candidates who have completed either class 10th or class 11th and aspire to join the National Defence Academy (NDA). This course, offered by Doon Defence Career Point, aims to provide comprehensive preparation for both board examinations and the NDA entrance exam. The institute is recognized as the best NDA coaching institute in Dehradun and is renowned for producing successful candidates in the defense industry annually.

    Doon Defence Career Point’s NDA Foundation Course involves training under the guidance of experienced defense examiners and officers. The curriculum includes well-researched study materials designed to adequately prepare students for the NDA Written Exam and class 12th board exams. The institute emphasizes not only academic excellence but also physical and mental fitness, essential components for NDA aspirants.

    The faculty at Doon Defence Career Point consists of retired defense officials who are highly qualified and experienced. They provide comprehensive coaching to students, covering all aspects of NDA preparation. The study materials have been meticulously crafted to ensure success in both the class 12th board exam and the NDA Written Exam.

    In addition to the foundation course, Doon Defence Career Point offers training sessions for SSB interviews, PE tests, and other examinations. The institute’s commitment to holistic preparation makes it the ideal choice for those seeking the best NDA foundation coaching in Dehradun. Aspiring NDA recruits who have completed their education in class 10th or class 11th are encouraged to enroll in the NDA Foundation Course for a well-rounded and effective preparation experience.

    The following are some silent aspects of our education and training-DDCP:

    • Normal Classes.
    • Lectures from competent Indian professors with expertise.
    • Facilities for doubt removal.
    • Particular focus on delayed learners.
    • Study guides based on the most recent exam format.
    • System for measuring attendance that uses biometrics.
    • Meetings with guardians on a regular basis and discussions regarding pupils.
    • Online and offline practice exams.
    • Motivational talks given by experts and former military personnel.
    Eligibility for the NDA Foundation course:
    • The applicant must be an Indian national and meet all requirements of the National Defense Academy (NDA) or Indian Maritime University (IMU).
    • Age shouldn’t exceed 15 years.
    • The admission notification will include specific information on the eligibility requirements.
    • According to NDA criteria, health should be good.
    • Ready to remain on campus (As it is a compulsory Residential Program).
    • This course is open to science students who will be entering their eleventh-grade year.
    • The students must receive a grade equivalent to or greater than 65 percent in their tenth grade.
    Examination Details:
    Forms will be made available for the Entrance Exam Examinations I and II between January and June. The exam will be given in September and April. Candidates must have completed or be about to complete their 12th grade in order to apply for the Army category.
    The other portion is nearly identical to the first, with the exception of the need that candidates to take Physics and Mathematics as obligatory subjects. The SSB Interview is followed by a written test as the first step in the selection process.

    Why Join Doon Defence Career Point for NDA Preparation ?

    Looking for the top NDA foundation coaching institute in Dehradun? Join Doon Defence Career Point for the best NDA preparation courses. Our institute offers a comprehensive NDA foundation course, ensuring that aspirants are well-prepared for both the NDA Written Exam and Class 12 board exams.

    At Doon Defence Career Point, we understand the importance of time and money, and our foundation course is designed to save both. Enroll in coaching for Classes 11 and 12, and seamlessly transition to NDA Coaching after completing 12th grade. Our coaching program covers the NDA syllabus, aligning with Class 11th and 12th curricula, providing a dual advantage for exam preparation.

    The NDA Written Exam requires candidates to have Physics and Mathematics as obligatory subjects. Our NDA Foundation course thoroughly covers these subjects, ensuring that you are well-equipped for success. By joining our program in class twelve, you can apply for the NDA Written Exam early, giving you a head start in the selection process.

    Doon Defence Career Point takes pride in developing young aspirants into strong leaders through expert knowledge, unwavering determination, and virtues. Our training program prepares candidates for the SSB Interview and the written test, setting them on the path to becoming successful leaders. Choose Doon Defence Career Point for a transformative NDA preparation experience.

    Our aim is just to train and educate the students and make them join the Service. We never leave the hands of our students Unless/Until He/She gets what deserves. I can proudly say that we have the best training faculty and we provide the best education. There is nothing that we left and that could stop you from clearing your exams. We give our best to you. We prepare you physically and mentally. After all this, we have the:

    • DDC Medical Facilities
    • DDC SSB Training Centre
    • DDC Ground Training
    • DDC Meeting Room

    We always create better vibes at the academy that always keeps our students motivated for success. Join the Academy and get trained in all manners to clear the NDA and beat this rat-race Competition.

    Course Details

    • Course Name:
    • Every Sunday Physical Training Class is organized by Physical Trainers and NSG Commandos.
    • SSB Interview & Spoken English, Current Affairs.
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