Breathe Easy, Be DDCP: Our Mission to Save Trees!

At Doon Defence Career Point (DDCP), we’re not just about training future warriors; we’re also about creating environmentally conscious leaders. That’s why we recently launched our “Save the Trees” campaign, an initiative that’s close to our hearts – and our lungs!

The Greening of DDCP

We kicked things off with a tree plantation drive right here on our campus. DDCP cadets, faculty, and staff all came together to plant a variety of native saplings. The collective effort not only added a touch of green beauty to our surroundings but also served as a powerful symbol of our commitment to a sustainable future.

Spreading the Roots of Awareness

Our mission to save trees goes beyond our campus walls. We’ve organized awareness campaigns in Pilkhuwa, educating the local community about the importance of trees and the dangers of deforestation.

Through interactive workshops and presentations, DDCP cadets informed residents about the role trees play in combating climate change, purifying the air, and preserving biodiversity.

A Seed of Change

The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Residents are eager to participate in future tree plantation drives and are taking steps to conserve water and reduce their reliance on paper products. We’re proud to see the seeds of environmental consciousness taking root!

The DDCP Difference: It’s Not Just About the Uniform

At DDCP, we believe that true leadership extends beyond the battlefield. It’s about taking responsibility for the world around us and inspiring others to do the same. Our “Save the Trees” campaign is just one way we’re nurturing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to defend not just our nation, but our planet as well.

Join the Greener Generation

We encourage everyone to join the fight against deforestation. Plant a tree, educate your community, and make conscious choices to reduce your environmental impact. Remember, even the smallest actions can make a big difference. Let’s work together to ensure a greener future for ourselves and generations to come!

Do your part, be the change. Plant a tree today!

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